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Specialist Contributors
Benjamin McKay
Founder and Creative Director

3d Generalist, Multimedia Specialist, Digital artist and designer with over 17 years of experience in putting dreams into action. Ben specializes in graphic and print design but has been professional trained in Web, 3D design, and CG animation. With so much creative range and talent he has a solution for virtually any scenario. If it can be done, he can do it. Ben has a Bachelors in Digital Entertainment and Game Design from ITT Technical Institute.
"D" Carolla
Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Animator

D has been drawing her whole life. She has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Northern Virginia Community College, an Associates in General studies from Regent University, and a Bachelors in Animation (primarily 2D animation) from Regent University as well. Besides drawing, she enjoys hiking, roller coasters, The Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, frogs and mushrooms.
Joshua Ireland
Photographer, Illustrator and Animator

Born in Washington DC and grew up in Pennsylvania. Joshua has loved and appreciated comics and art all his life and has been illustrating since childhood. He enjoys photography and cinematography. He Graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree. 

Brian Heath
Storyboard and Concept Artist, Animator, 3D Modeler

Brian is a freelance artist in VA Beach, VA. He has worked on film sets as an art director, concept artist, story board artist, production designer, as well as many other set jobs. He worked freelance for Grow (check out the “Giferator” and “Risk Everything” projects). He also has worked on several TV commercials (Doritos, Chic-Fil-A, VDOT, etc). Brian also has worked as an art teacher for over a decade.
Andrew Ford
Illustrator, Character Designer, and Motion Graphics Animator

Andrew is a Freelance Artist stationed in Richmond, Virginia, born in the US but lived overseas in Eastern Africa for 18 years. An artist ever since he could hold a crayon, he graduated from Regent University with a Bachelors in Animation, focusing on pre-production. Skilled in character concept, storyboarding, illustration, as well as motion graphics, Andrew has always held visual storytelling as the foundation for his approach to art.
Brian Catbagan
Fabricator, Electronics Technician & Carpenter

Nathan Schrade
Graphic Designer & Illustrator​
Dominic Reyes
Karl Willmann
3D Generalist & VFX Artist
Chantel Copes
Video Production Specialist & Graphic Designer
Jeremy Moormann
Web Developer/Designer, IT Technician & Graphic Designer
Jacob Schools
Animator, Motion Graphics Artist, & VFX Specialist
Ian Tennis
Top Lime Design Founder
Graphic & Web Designer
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